memx - Get process’ memory usage (Linux)


I shared a simple piece of code for getting a process’ memory usage in Linux. It’s called memx. It’s Linux-specific only as it reads the proportional set size (PSS) data from either /proc/{pid}/smaps_rollup (if present) or /proc/{pid}/smaps file. I’ve used this piece of code many times at work. We use memory-mapped files extensively in some of our services and this is how we get more accurate results. Very useful in debugging OOMKilled events in k8s.

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Setting alarm from commandline


This is just a quick one. Although I use Gnome Clocks occassionally, most of the time I set an alarm via the commandline. OS is POP_OS!, using VLC: $ sleep 10m && \ cvlc ~/alarm.mp3 –play-and-exit && \ notify-send 'alarm done'

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Connecting to Torguard VPN using Wireguard from Ubuntu


As of this writing, Torguard’s desktop app still doesn’t support Wireguard out of the box. I’m using Ubuntu 19.10 for testing. If you haven’t installed Wireguard yet, you can refer to the installation instructions here. In my case, it was: $ sudo apt install wireguard Next, you need to login to your Torguard client area, go to Tools –> Enable Wireguard Access. Select a location (in my case, I chose Asia-Singapore2) then click ‘Enable Wireguard’.

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