Download the latest Github release using command line


For personal reference: Download the latest GitHub Releases asset using common command line tools: Update the url accordingly. The uname | awk subcmds will output 'linux'|'darwin'. $ curl -s | \ jq -r ".assets[] | select(.name | contains("$(uname -s | awk '{print tolower($0)}')")) | .browser_download_url" | \ wget -i -

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Setting alarm from commandline


This is just a quick one. Although I use Gnome Clocks occassionally, most of the time I set an alarm via the commandline. OS is POP_OS!, using VLC: $ sleep 10m && \ cvlc ~/alarm.mp3 –play-and-exit && \ notify-send 'alarm done'

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Extract gRPC-generated functions to a list


This might be hacky and there might be a proper way to do this but recently, I needed to generate all the functions’ gRPC-generated full names from our protobuf definitions. This is part of our RBAC module that needs to filter gRPC function calls. I got the list from our generated Go client using the following command(s): Main command: $ grep -o -R -i -E '"/blueapi..*"' . | awk -F':' '{gsub(/"/, "", $2); print "-", substr($2, 2);}' | sort | uniq # Actual commands; save as yaml: $ echo "functions:" > /tmp/funcs.

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