memx - Get process’ memory usage (Linux)


I shared a simple piece of code for getting a process’ memory usage in Linux. It’s called memx. It’s Linux-specific only as it reads the proportional set size (PSS) data from either /proc/{pid}/smaps_rollup (if present) or /proc/{pid}/smaps file. I’ve used this piece of code many times at work. We use memory-mapped files extensively in some of our services and this is how we get more accurate results. Very useful in debugging OOMKilled events in k8s.

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The DIVS model


I posted a blog introducing the DIVS model, the process we use at Alphaus, the startup I work for. Check it out here.

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Start process as system using CreateProcessAsUser


Note that this function assumes the caller to be running as SYSTEM as well (i.e. Windows service). For self reference:

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