From Vim to Emacs


It’s been a year since I’ve transitioned, sort of, from Vim to Emacs, so I thought I’d write something about it. Vim has been my primary editor of choice for many years. I think I started Vim around 2003 on a RedHat box writing x86 assembly. Ever since, throughout my working carrier, whether it’s on Windows, OSX, or Linux, it’s been always Vim for me. Yes, even on Windows where the experience is really not that good, I still use Vim.

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Open man pages in Vim


Most of the time when I open a man page for a certain command or tool, I use Vim: Open man page for the 'dd' command: $ man dd | col -b | vim -MR - It’s actually a handful to type but since I use zsh + fzf, it’s not really a big deal as recalling the command is pretty straightforward. But yesterday, I came across this nifty little plugin called vim-manpager.

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Follow-up on autocompletion with gocode and vim-go in Go1.11, transition to gopls


Update vim-go has already transitioned to gopls as its default completion engine. I just noticed that my Vim is still using gocode even though I updated to the latest version of vim-go. Commenting/removing the line Plugin ‘stamblerre/gocode’, {‘rtp’: ‘vim/’} from my .vimrc did the trick for me. Hope this helps. Original post here.

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Autocompletion with gocode and vim-go in Go1.11


I use vim with vim-go as my main editor for Go-based projects (and for anything else, really). Recently, I’ve upgraded to Go1.11 and my autocompletion stopped working. I know vim-go uses gocode as it’s autocompletion engine but since vim-go’s :GoInstallBinaries command handled the installation for me, I didn’t really have to think about it. Fortunately, a quick update to my vimrc file did the trick for me. I just had to add Plugin ‘mdempsky/gocode’, {‘rtp’: ‘vim/’} to my vimrc (I use Vundle) and run :PluginInstall again.

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