Update Spacemacs from command line


Reference: Ever since I’ve started using Spacemacs on Linux, I’ve been using this simple script as a command alias to update Spacemacs using the command line. alias upe='git -C ~/.emacs.d/ pull && \ emacs –batch -l ~/.emacs.d/init.el \ –eval="(configuration-layer/update-packages t)" 2>&1 | \ tee /tmp/emacs-update && \ grep -i -E "Found.*to.update." /tmp/emacs-update && \ emacs' I use the develop branch of Spacemacs, thus the update using git. Then it will check if there are package updates and if so, it will relaunch Spacemacs to actually install the updates.

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From Vim to Emacs


It’s been a year since I’ve transitioned, sort of, from Vim to Emacs, so I thought I’d write something about it. Vim has been my primary editor of choice for many years. I think I started Vim around 2003 on a RedHat box writing x86 assembly. Ever since, throughout my working carrier, whether it’s on Windows, OSX, or Linux, it’s been always Vim for me. Yes, even on Windows where the experience is really not that good, I still use Vim.

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