Using tabwriter to improve on cobra’s help information


Cobra · Golang · Tabwriter

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If you’ve been following the blog, you know that I’m a fan of cobra as a CLI library. Let me share how I use tabwriter to compliment cobra’s autogenerated help information. For reference, you can check this post as well.

The following code is a copy (not an exact copy) of one of the tools that I use at work.

It will look something like this.

Trigger a manual run, among other tools.

Format for the --input flag:
  payer:<id>[/link1,link2,...]     run manual calculation at payer level, optional link acct list is for log filtering
  msp:<id>                         run manual calculation at MSP level
  link:<id>                        run manual calculation at link acct level
  detectri:<msp|payer>[:id]        run RI detection manually
  detectsp:<msp|payer>[:id]        run SavingsPlan detection manually
  curlinks:<msp|payer>[:id]        detect actual customers from CUR, can use --detect-moved-payer flag
  fees:<id>                        detect fees for the input link id
  detecttags:<id>                  detect tags for the input payer id

  * When triggering CUR (using trigger: input), it's recommended to use the --use-sns flag.

  linkbatchd manualrun [flags]

      --input string              see subcommand description for more details
      --date string               date to trigger in UTC, fmt: yyyy-mm-dd, yyyy-mm-dd,yyyy-mm-dd for date range (from,to)
      --invoice-type string       type of invoice to calculate: 'account' or 'cross_tag', used in trigger: input