Using SSH tunnelling to access home router


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For personal reference:

My current setup:

  • Router has a static IP provided by my ISP
  • Router web server is accessible from (home network)
  • SSH server box in my home network with a static IP of (home network)
  • Router port forwarding is setup to forward router SSH port to my SSH server box (
  • SSH server box is configured to only accept public/private key authentication; password disabled

Reason for access:

I want to be able to access my router web server from outside to configure some settings on the fly, like VPN settings, etc.


  • Run the following command:
# -L form: -L local-port:target:target-port
# 'user' = SSH username
$ ssh -i /path/to/ssh/key -L 8080: user@router-static-ip
  • Open localhost:8080 to access the router web server.
  • That’s it!