Using Homebrew for distributing Go (golang) apps


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For personal reference:

a) Create your own homebrew tap

Create a new GitHub public repository with a prefix homebrew-, i.e. homebrew-tap. This will house all the apps that you want to distribute via your tap. Users will install your apps using the following commands:

# No need to include the 'homebrew-' prefix
$ brew tap flowerinthenight/tap
$ brew install <toolname>

The toolname part will correspond to the filename inside your repository tap. If your repository has an entry with a filename of toolx.rb, it can be installed using the following commands:

$ brew tap flowerinthenight/tap
$ brew install toolx

Here’s an example of a formula for a golang app:

class Kubepfm < Formula
  desc "A simple wrapper to kubectl port-forward for multiple pods."
  homepage ""
  url ""
  sha256 "7852a5500f3e35a47b57d138c756de5641bc3c48bf7e329d2724c1107ccb1207"

  depends_on "go"

  def install
    ENV["GOPATH"] = buildpath
    ENV["GO111MODULE"] = "on"
    ENV["GOFLAGS"] = "-mod=vendor"
    ENV["PATH"] = "#{ENV["PATH"]}:#{buildpath}/bin"
    (buildpath/"src/").install buildpath.children
    cd "src/" do
      system "go", "build", "-o", bin/"kubepfm", "."

  test do
    assert_match /Simple port-forward wrapper tool for multiple pods/, shell_output("#{bin}/kubepfm -h", 0)

You can check out for reference.

The url part is the path of the source tar.gz of your source files. You can create this by using tagged releases in GitHub.

You can generate the sha256 part by running the shasum (OSX) or sha256sum (Linux) tool against your tar.gz file.

b) Updating your formula

If you have a new version of your tool, first, create a new tag or release. Download the new tar.gz file of the new release, run the sha256sum/shasum tool against it, and update the .rb file in your tap repository.


$ git clone
$ cd kubepfm/
$ git tag v1.0.1 # our new tag
$ git push --tags # push tags to remote
$ wget
$ shasum -a 256 v1.0.1.tar.gz
7852a5500f3e35a47b57d138c756de5641bc3c48bf7e329d2724c1107ccb1207  v1.0.1.tar.gz
# Linux
$ sha256sum v1.0.1.tar.gz
7852a5500f3e35a47b57d138c756de5641bc3c48bf7e329d2724c1107ccb1207  v1.0.1.tar.gz

Finally, update the url and sha256 part of your .rb file. Users will now be able to update their copies:

$ brew upgrade kubepfm