Using k8s.io/klog together with cobra in golang


This post is somehow related to a previous article about using glog together with cobra. This time, we will be using klog which is a Kubernetes fork of glog. run the -h command $ ./cobraklog -h Usage of ./cobraklog: -alsologtostderr log to standard error as well as files -log_backtrace_at value when logging hits line file:N, emit a stack trace -log_dir string If non-empty, write log files in this directory -log_file string If non-empty, use this log file -logtostderr log to standard error instead of files -skip_headers If true, avoid header prefixes in the log messages -stderrthreshold value logs at or above this threshold go to stderr (default 2) -v value log level for V logs -vmodule value comma-separated list of pattern=N settings for file-filtered logging # run cobra's help command $ .

Cobra · Golang · Klog

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