Extract gRPC-generated functions to a list

This might be hacky and there might be a proper way to do this but recently, I needed to generate all the functions’ gRPC-generated full names from our protobuf definitions. This is part of our RBAC module that needs to filter gRPC function calls. I got the list from our generated Go client using the following command(s):

# Main command:
$ grep -o -R -i -E '"/blueapi\..*"' . | awk -F':' '{gsub(/"/, "", $2); print "-", substr($2, 2);}' | sort | uniq

# Actual commands; save as yaml:
$ echo "functions:" > /tmp/funcs.yaml
$ grep -o -R -i -E '"/blueapi\..*"' . | awk -F':' '{gsub(/"/, "", $2); print "-", substr($2, 2);}' | \
  sort | uniq >> /tmp/funcs.yaml

The final list is uploaded to this repository.

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out @flowerinthenyt.

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