Updates to Camera Class Filter Driver for Windows


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Updated 2019/03/13:

A pretty good writeup that explains the internals of writing a camera filter driver in Windows can be found here. I’m putting this information out as this repo is one of the references used in the writeup.

Original post:

This post is a bit of a departure from my usual golang/cloud-related ramblings. I posted an open-source camera class filter driver for Windows ages ago hoping that it would help someone working on a similar project. If you are familiar with this type of driver, you probably know that it’s not that straightforward to write mainly due to it being generally undocumented. A lot of reverse engineering has been done to write this driver. Anyway, recently, someone pointed out to me that it’s been discussed in this forum post. So if you’re working on a similar project, give it a whirl, and if you find some issues, I would appreciate it if you could submit a PR for fixes. Thanks.