My commonly used commands in GIT



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Update 2017/03/24: Transferred to a separate repository here.

For personal reference:

Reset a file

git checkout HEAD -- my-file.txt

Delete last commit

git reset --hard HEAD~1

Delete local branch

git branch -d <branch-name>

or to force delete

git branch -D <branch-name>

Delete branch from remote repository

git push origin --delete <remote-branch-name>

Search for the merge commit from a specific commit

git log <SHA>..master --ancestry-path --merges

Search for a commit message

git log | grep <pattern>

List commits on range line of codes for one file

git blame -L<line#>,+<offset> -- <filename>

For example, three lines starting from line 257 of main.cpp

git blame -L257,+3 -- main.cpp

History of a line (or lines) in a file

git log --topo-order --graph -u -L <line-start>,<line-end>:<file>

For example, history of line 155 of main.cpp

git log --topo-order --graph -u -L 155,155:main.cpp

Compare (diff) a file from the current branch to another branch

git diff ..<target-branch> <path-to-file>

Or if difftool is configured

git difftool ..<target-branch> <path-to-file>

Rebase/squash all branch commits

git checkout -b new-branch
git rebase -i master
(sometimes, I branch out of master for a clean branch and do a git rebase -i clean-branch)
git checkout master
git rebase new-branch
(delete clean-branch)

Combine all branch commits to one before merging to master (sort of like the one above)

git checkout master
git checkout -b clean
git merge --squash branch_to_merge_to_one_commit
git commit
(add commit message)
git checkout master
git merge clean

Custom format for log

Add to global .gitconfig using git config --global alias.logp "..."

git log --pretty=format:'%Cred%h %C(yellow)%d%Creset %s %Cgreen(%cr|%ci) %C(bold blue)[%an]%Creset'