[Part 2] Manifest file compilation and setup



1 minute

Check out the codes in GitHub.

Compiling the manifest file

This is how I compiled my manifest file.

  • Open Visual Studio command prompt.
  • Compile manifest file.
mc -um <manifest_file>.man

When successful, output files are:


Creating the message resource DLL

I like to create a separate dll just for the manifest file resource although you can also add the .rc file to any of your existing dll or exe.

Compile .rc to .res

rc <filename>.rc

Create .dll from .res

link -dll -noentry -out:<out>.dll <filename>.res

Register the manifest to the system (optional)

I always register the manifest file on my development systems. As for client systems, its up to you. I dont.

Open admin command prompt and execute

wevtutil im <manifest_file>.man /rf:"full_path_to_resource_dll" /mf:"full_path_to_resource_dll"

Remove the manifest from the system

Open admin command prompt and execute

wevtutil um <manifest_file>.man

Check out part 3.